MAT is a process of identifying weak musculature by analyzing joint ranges of motion in order to guide further investigating utilizing high precision, low force, muscle testing. Upon identifying weak muscles several techniques are used to activate the muscle(s) by restoring communication with the central nervous system.

By restoring muscular contractile efficiency and reflexive control of musculature we ensure better force distribution through joints to reduce wear and improve performance. The primary benefit of MAT is its ability to assess, prepare and improve and individuals muscular system's contractile capabilities in order to participate in as well as, measure the tolerance to the demands of various forms of exercise. MAT fits in as part of the exercise continuum. It provides the ability assess baseline physical capabilities and progress to monitoring the capabilities of the muscular system as tolerance levels are being challenged. 

Greg Roskopf was an athlete who found himself constantly falling prey to injury. Rather than continuing exercises that seemed only to exacerbate the problem, he took a different approach to recovery with Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). MAT focuses on finding the sources of muscle tightness and weakness and remedying them.