Z-­Health (Z) applies principles and science of neurology to exercise and human performance.  Z is a brain­-based training system that predictably delivers life changing, high-speed results to our clients ­ whether they need professional education, rehabilitation, pain relief or performance enhancement. It’s a system so simple, and yet so advanced, that it’s changing the shape of health and fitness around the world. The Z-­Health system, developed out of a simple premise ­ that all forms of training and rehabilitation specifically target the brain. 

Dr. Cobb explains Z-Health and Neurology 101

With the Z-Health system we are constantly assessing and re-assessing everything we do to determine if the exercises and drills are the best for you as an individual rather than relying solely on a protocol based program designed to reach your goals.  Through frequent assessment and re-assessment on the spot you will constantly be moving forward with every session.  

In Z, we understand that your brain and nervous system controls everything you do, consciously and unconsciously.  It is often what's is going on unconsciously that is holding your back from reaching your goals.  When it comes to physical training and improving your quality of life we need to go beyond the solely biomechanical and output based perspective of some classical approaches to training.  Your nervous system is constantly taking in millions of bits of information every second that you are consciously unaware of. The ability of the brain your nervous system filter, process, and integrate all the information is critical to how we move, think, and behave in our world. We look at how higher order systems of the body govern and affect the way you move, gain strength, endurance, agility, lose weight, focus, and recover from stress. 

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